A reliable VPN for everyone

With all the security issues created by hackers, censorship and identify theft, your online privacy is under constant threat.

Our aim as part of Cubitech Consulting Solutions PTY LTD is to simply provide an easy and cost effective secure VPN solution that provides you peace of mind.

With our simple no-contract monthly plan (cancel at any time), you can have your VPN running in a matter of minutes.

When using our VPNs that are based in the USA, Europe and Australia any website you visit thinks your are directly sitting in that region. As a result, our VPN’s provides the following benefits:

  1. An effective way to shop directly with US, European and Australian based internet sites that may provide greater discounts.
  2. Access content that may be blocked from within your own country. (example: accessing blocked USA YouTube clips from Australia).
  3. Your internet usage is not being spied on by hackers, ISPs or online companies trying to track you due to our strong encryption.

The benefits and features of our VPN include:

Smooth VPN - user friendly progressive

Easy to setup and use

Our user-friendly instructions mean that you can easily download, install and configure your VPN quickly.

Smooth VPN - unrestricted - progressive

Access Overseas content

Access those overseas streaming, content services and shopping sites directly without censorship or blocking.

Smooth VPN - wifi cafe progressive

Secure Wi-Fi hotspots

Use our VPN at your favourite cafe or airport lounge free Wi-Fi hotspot without worrying about hackers.

You can have your VPN running in 3 easy steps!

Once you have purchased your subscription, you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with access to the “My Account” section containing your VPN software installation files.

Download and install the VPN software onto your device and place the required configuration files to a specified folder. These instructions are found by clicking here.

Launch your VPN and use the internet.

Our monthly VPN subscription plans are easy and straightforward.

They come with a 3-day risk free trial!

Customer Testimonials

Hello. I have been using

Hello. I have been using both your Sound and Video downloader and VPN service for a number of months now. It has been absolutely fantastic to use the Chicago VPN to access youtube songs from… Read more “Hello. I have been using”

Mary Johns
Friday, May 4, 2018

Your VPN has been great

Your VPN has been great so far and is really reliable in terms of speed. We have a Mac and it is really easy to use. Given that we’re from the UK, It would be… Read more “Your VPN has been great”

Catherine Parsons
Sunday, April 22, 2018

Android Sound and Video downloader

Great little app Smooth VPN – can easily download youtube clips of funny cats/dogs and other kid friendly vids on my device all without those annoying ads.

Andrew Lyons
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Great VPN

Hey there! Just a quick shoutout that the VPN works great! Have found that trying to access nba.com from Australia redirects me to another site. However, since using the Chicago VPN, I now have complete… Read more “Great VPN”

Sean Van
Saturday, February 3, 2018